Cloud "Talent Shortage"

I often hear that there is a cloud talent shortage. I think the talent is there, there is just a shortage of experience. I started my cloud journey in 2008 and had no clue about cloud. I learned by screwing things up and fixing them.
We tend to focus on certifications more than we focus on letting people learn on the job. Certifications are a good training tool but the best way to learn is to do. You have people in your organization that know how to build and run software. That is the talent you need.
Several years ago I had a project for a client. I hired three people with no cloud experience. Two were young and in the interview process I found that they were really smart and willing to learn. The third was a seasoned veteran with decades of experience in the data center who was excited about learning cloud.
I took a chance and hired them and they hit the project out of the park. Today they are cloud experts with over 7 years of cloud experience. Find smart people who love to learn and give them a chance to learn by doing.

February 28, 2021